First novel

I recently found a publisher for one of my manuscripts, Macaulay Station, a quirky satire about middle-aged men’s insecurities. It should be coming out in August. Closer to the date, I’ll post more details.

First Prize

I recently received first prize for the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Jim Hamilton Award for An Unpublished Manuscript. My entry was called Death of An Author, which is a spoof on the famous essay by Roland Barthes, The Death of The Author.


Last year I entered a novel, Macaulay Station, in the JIM HAMILTON UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT AWARD for the Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards.

I received a commendation.
“Of the highly commended entries: Macaulay Station – some fine writing
and a terrific ending save. A tale of inner urban angst from an essentially crapulous world view.”

Click to access aFAW-National-Literay-Awards-2016.pdf

It encouraged me to return to the manuscript, which I’d shelved but have now completed. It is a satire of middle-aged men’s insecurities.

I’ll soon try to find a publisher.

Early retirement

I have stopped teaching and settled into early retirement, hoping to spend more time writing. I want to attempt to write fiction again. Previous attempts, sadly, haven’t been up to scratch, but I have learnt from my mistakes with these. I recently shifted into a house with a reasonable sized back yard where I have built (with the help of a few willing friends) a small cabin. It now has a desk, bookcase and armchair – all the essentials.

JoJo Publishing liquidation

JoJo Publishing has gone into voluntary liquidation. Until a creditors’ meeting in the near future I am unsure of the availability of my book. You may still be able to purchase hard copies that are already in book stores or from online bookstores. When the situation becomes clearer I will update this site. I still have some copies to sell if you wish to contact me by leaving a message. It will provide me with your email address and I will respond.

Williamstown Literary Festival, 2015

The Williamstown Literary Festival (13th – 14th June)

I will be talking about my book, You Never Met My Father, on a panel, Madness, Poetry and Memoir, with Dr Kate Richards (Madness: A Memoir) and the poet Sandy Jeffs (Flying With Paper Wings), which will be chaired by Jen Watkins.

The event is at 3.30pm on Saturday 13th June, in the Council Chamber at the Williamstown Town Hall.

Cost: Full $15, Conc $12, Early $10, which can be purchased at the festival website.

For more details visit:

Hope to see you there!